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How to write a cover letter

If you're asked to attach a cover letter with your application, then it's very important to pay just as much attention to getting it right as you do with your CV. Following the right cover letter tips will make your letter stand out and get the recruiter's attention.
Remember that they're inundated with applications, so every part of yours must be perfect. It's your first (and maybe only) chance to make a good impression; fail to do so, and your application, letter and all, will end up on the 'No' pile. So take the time to create a well-written CV or resume cover letter that will convince a recruiter that you're a serious contender, and that they want to interview you.
It's best to write a new letter for each application; enclosing a standard letter that has obviously not been tailored to each specific job merely suggests that you're sending out dozens of applications and hoping that one of them works. However, if you write a letter that clearly refers to the particular job you're applying for, you will come across as enthusiastic about the job and genuinely interested in working for that employer. Like your CV, a cover letter should be concise, and convey the necessary information without waffling on.
It should briefly state why you think you are the best person for the job, and what you would like to achieve if you get the position. Employers want to know that you are suitable and that you would really like to work with them - they don't want to think that you are applying for any old job in the hope that one of them will succeed.


Cover letter writing is best left to professionals

If you're serious about your job applications, then the task of writing a cover letter for a job is best left to the professionals. They're detached from the emotional investment that you put into your job search, which can make you stressed and worry so much about doing the right thing that you end up doing the wrong thing! A professional CV writer will have all the necessary experience to put together both a superb CV and letter to accompany it.
They're familiar with all the requirements that an employer will have, but without the worry of messing it up and blowing any chance of getting an interview. Besides, they've written thousands of CVs and cover letters for jobseekers just like you, and that means that writing a great CV is second nature to them. And every one gets the same careful attention to detail and dedication. They know how important this application is, and they really want you to succeed. The lesson to learn from this is that anyone can write a cover letter for a resume or CV, but it's rather more of a challenge to write one that will persuade employers to interview you.
Getting the right job can not only lead to a successful career, but also give you immense job satisfaction - and that's often more important than a great salary. With so much riding on this, it's just not worth sending in a half-hearted or weak attempt at a cover letter. Instead, consider this an investment in your future and get one of our professional writers to create your cover letter. When the employer shakes your hand and offers you the job, you'll be so glad you took the trouble to ask us to create your CV and cover letter, so don't take chances - leave it to the experienced professionals instead.

Jul 16th 2014 3:37 pm